Commercial Roofing in Orlando


Commercial Roofing ChicagoTo get the most out of a roof inspection, we suggest staying on the ground, leaving the ladder in the shed, and calling in the professionals. Not only does this minimize risk of injury to yourself, but it will result in a more thorough and comprehensive inspection. Oftentimes, roof damage is subtle and difficult to spot with the untrained eye. Our team of professionals know exactly what to look for so that they don’t miss a thing. A thorough inspection of your commercial roofing system once every few years will keep your roof in excellent condition and add years to its life without the need for expensive roofing replacements or extensive repairs. Plus, you will never need to lift a finger! Our highly-trained experts do it all.

We have the best, most expert roofing professionals working at our company. Commercial property owners and managers know that they can rely on us for comprehensive inspections of their roofing assets. Our team will not only spot damaged areas and report them, but also offer suggestions for the best possible solution to the problem causing the damage. If you like, our team can also perform those repairs same-day.

Here are just a few of the signs of damage that our professional commercial roof inspection and repair technicians will look for when inspecting your roof:

● Missing roof tiles, shingles, or shakes
● Loose or worn shingles
● Damaged or missing vents or other roof penetrations that are not in good condition
● Holes caused by rodents, raccoons, or other animals
● Damage caused by branches, hail, lightning, snow, ice, and other weather conditions
● Leaks, pooling, and other forms of water damage
● Dirty, clogged or improperly working gutter systems
● Caved in areas on roof decking (only visible from the roof itself)
● Loose or missing flashing

In addition to all of these things, our inspectors are also trained to look for hard-to-find damage and wear that could be an early indicator of potential roof failure. Because we are a small business ourselves, we know that “time is money” for our commercial clients. That’s why our roofing teams will always try to be as unobtrusive as possible, so as not to disturb your normal work activities. In cases where business needs to be suspended for the duration of the repairs, we will always do our best to complete the project as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. We will also work with you to schedule bigger projects like this in such as way as to cause as little disruption as possible, such as on weekend days or after normal office hours. If you are a business owner- large or small- we will work with you to ensure that your roof is always up to par and keeps your investments protected from the elements. Our technicians can be relied upon for their promptness, politeness, and quality service, and our office staff are friendly and helpful, always working with you to schedule services at a time that works best for your business and ensuring all clients are as satisfied as can be.