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Top 4 Benefits of Metal Roofing

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if you’re in the market for a new roof above your head, you should know about the benefits of metal roofing. Metal is a material that many people do not even consider for their roofing needs, either because of its price or simply because they’ve never heard of it. That should all be changed, though, because metal is a first-rate roofing material, and here are the top 4 reasons why:

#1 Metal Roofing Protects You

In the unfortunate event of a lightning strike, storm, or fire in your home, metal roofing has you covered- literally. It is strong and durable enough to keep out even the heaviest of hail and other bad weather, completely fireproof to prevent the spread of flames from a neighboring area, and may very well save your home if it is struck by lightning by dissipating the electricity across its surface, rather than bursting into flame as asphalt or wood shingling might. Metal roofing is a sturdy, solid material that you and your family will be grateful to have over your heads.

#2 Metal Roofing Will Last a Lifetime

With industry standard guarantees lasting for 50 years or more, you can be sure that your metal roofing will outlast all of the neighbor’s roofs. In fact, it may very well last you a lifetime! Best of all, it requires very little maintenance to keep up this longevity. A good quality metal roof installed by a reputable roofing professional will be impervious to rust, water, and weather, keeping you high and dry for many years to come.

#3 Metal Roofing is a Smart Buy

Although the upfront expense is slightly more than other roofing material options, as we’ve already discussed before, metal roofing will outlast those other options by far. If you do your math, buying a metal roof once is often much more cost effective than buying something like asphalt shingling for your roof and having to pay the costs of repairs and reinstallations over the course of the next 50 years. It is investment that will pay for itself- whether or not you plan to stay in the home indefinitely. That’s right, even if you sell your home, you have a high likelihood of making back a significant portion of your investment! This is because buyers and real estate agents love to see a new roof on a home, and even better when it’s a durable, long lasting metal roof. Having a metal roof will allow you to fetch a better price for your home if you choose to sell it.

#4 Metal Roofing is GORGEOUS

We may be a little bit biased, but we think that there is simply no other roofing material that can compare to the sleek, clean look of metal roofing. And many of our customers agree! Metal roofing comes in many different colors and styles and can be a great fit for any style of house, from modern and contemporary to traditional. It doesn’t matter, it just looks good! We’ve yet to find a single home anywhere that didn’t look great with metal roofing.